The best indoor activities to beat boredom this winter

The country has been blasted with an icy blanket that has left many of us in despair whilst huddling inside next to the heater going full tit. So, while boredom peaks like never before, many of us are left wondering what there is to do other than a Netflix binge.

You're in luck, we've come up with a few ideas of activities and adventures that will get you out of the house (but still in the warmth), to help give you a little more much-needed stimulation. All you need is an ice-pick and an emergency poncho (just kidding). 

Cakes and Ladders
Venture down Symonds Street and you will find yourself inside a room including only the best combination ever - hot drinks and childish snacks (think hot dogs and brownies) and board games! Cakes and Ladders are brimming with games, ranging from childhood favourites (Operation and Guess Who), to puzzles, trivia and card games. Our top pick would be Red Flags, a game where you must come up with the most suitable boyfriend/girlfriend for your friend, using the random cards you have to the best of your ability. For some solid laughs, bring along your group of pals for only $2.50 each an hour!

Matakana Cinemas
Fifty minutes north of Auckland lies the boutique three-theatre cinemas. To provide an ultra lavish experience, lazy boys are provided in the front row - comfort at its finest! Each theatre is decorated uniquely, including a rose covered ceiling, dusted with faux fantail birds along with scarlet coloured chairs/lazy boys. They also provide a unique selection of movies including indie/local films along with popular currently-airing films. 

Cat Yoga
Not yoga for your cats, but rather yoga in an environment of cats! BaristaCats Cafe in Auckland CBD is offering an experience like no other, yoga with a feline play session at the end. Talk about the most purrfect form of relaxation therapy ever! From only $20, you've got to give this a go!

Auckland Domain Winter Gardens
Before you shudder at the word 'Winter', walking through these beautiful, historic gardens are absolutely free! Whilst exploring this treasure you will come across two Victorian-style glass houses that face a sunken pool and gorgeous courtyard, showcasing a number of vibrant and unique flowers. One of the glasshouses is even heated (yes!) to create a suitable habitat for its tropical plants! 

JUMP Trampoline Park
The cold is certainly a de-motivator when it comes to exercising. However, if it's something fun, it may be a little easier... JUMP is here to answer our prayers, it's a way to break a sweat with a lot of laughs! There's even a dodgeball court if you and your friends feel a little competitive, and a foam pit- so your failed attempt at a flip isn't harming in any way!


Image Credits: The Speakeasy, Flikr, Matakana Coast Wine Country, Runawaykiwi, JUMP