Our thrill-seeking adventure in the new Ford Ranger

Despite our glam appearances at the hottest VIP events around Auckland, we Remixers are actually thrill-seekers at heart. We love nothing more than trading in our morning coffee run down Ponsonby Road for hitting the open road at 100 clicks.

Which is exactly why we were delighted to be offered to test out the newly minted Ford Ranger during a weekend excursion to the central North Island’s Timber Trail.

Built to perform, the new Ford Ranger is available in two different models – the 2.2 TDCi diesel engine is their most powerful yet, while the 3.2 TDCi diesel engine boasts greater fuel economy.

Anyone who knows the Timber Trail well will note the intrepid terrain you need to traverse while reaching the track, so we were grateful the Ford Ranger’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP) to make the journey over even the roughest terrain a smooth one.

Using historic bush tramways and old bulldozer roads, the Timber Trail features 35 bridges, some of the highest and longest in the country. Novice mountain bikers take note, the trail is classed as a grade 2 – 3 and best suited to intermediate riders!

The ample space in the tray meant the four of us could load our all our gear into the back with ease.

Rampant river? No problem. Heavy load? Easy peasy. The Ranger’s unprecedented 800m water wading, second-to-none towing capacity and e-Locking Rear Differential make easy work of any challenge.

And when we returned to Auckland (a bit muddy and a bit sore), the Ford Ranger looked just as at home when cruising suburbia as it did passes through the magnificent podocarp forest of the Timber Trail. A sure sign that tough doesn’t equate to rough here! A slick chrome grille and more muscular front end gives the Ranger a powerful edge, while the spacious, stylish leather interior ensure a comfortable ride for all.

The fashion-forward among us will appreciate the seven chic exterior colours available, which include Frozen White, Winning Blue, Magnetic, Race Red, Shadow Black, Pride Orange and Ingot Silver, model dependent.

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