Three simple ways to increase your productivity

Your schedule never seems to clear itself and you’re constantly running from one place to the next, with or without a coffee in hand. Sound like you? 

With assignments, work projects and social gatherings around each corner, we have prepared three simple tricks to slow down your mind even if your feet keep hurrying along...

1. Clear your workspace
By physically decluttering your desk you are symbolically clearing your mind and head space. This doesn’t mean your workspace has to be immaculate - just free of old dishes and cold tea. This will help you to focus on your work instead of being distracted by the many small and wonderful things you come across on your desk.

2. ‘Today I’m going to…’
By writing down exactly what you want to achieve each day, you take the stress out of your head and onto paper. It reassures your mind of that day’s activities and you don’t need to be constantly questioning yourself if you have forgotten to be somewhere.

3. Meditation
Yoga has been deemed the golden ticket to stress relief, however many think it's too hard to fit a session into the day. Try finding a quiet area, turning off all electronics and grabbing a comfortable chair, then simply slow your breath and remind yourself who and where you are. These simply thoughts can take your mind off your workload and stress and help you to feel balanced and fresh again.