The ultimate road trip checklist

It’s all very well and good having your road trip itinerary down pat, but poor packing can mean your trip is all but ruined. Failing to plan is planning to fail, after all.

Small but mighty, the new Audi A3 series features a generous boot in a compact hatchback style, perfect for packing all the necessities for that weekend away. Not only this, the three Audi A3 models – A3, A3 Sport and S3 – feature the very latest Audi technology, including intelligent driver assistance systems and smartphone connectivity. To go on a road trip means you need the wheels to do so, and the zippy new Audi A3 is the just the ticket.

We’ve pulled together the 10 road trip must-haves to ensure your next roadie is more Take It Easy and less Highway To Hell.

1. Traffic app

Nothing puts a halt on road trip plans like bumper-to-bumper traffic on a Friday afternoon. Avoid the queues and get out of the city quicker with a handy traffic app that allows you to view road congestion in real time. Aucklanders will love the Auckland Traffic Live Cam that shows all traffic coursing through all the major State Highways in and out of this crowded city we call home. Further afield, the NZ Traffic app allows the rest of the country to view traffic cameras all around New Zealand, with city maps for the likes of Hamilton, Wellington and Dunedin. Supplement your traffic app with the Audi MMI navigation system, to keep you clued up on where you’re headed.

2. Reusable travel mug

Simple maths tells us that road trips = coffee = numerous coffee cups scattered throughout the car. Avoid that final mistake with a reusable coffee cup to house your favourite beverage, and reap the added benefits of discounted refills when you head into a café at your next stop.

3. Snacks

If you forgot everything else during your last-minute packing, there’s little chance you’d forget to bring snacks. Popcorn, fruit, bliss balls, protein bars and vegetable crudités make for healthy, travel-friendly snacks that will keep hunger pangs at bay while you’re driving through the barren central plateau.

4. Audio books

If you’ve ever driven through the Brynderwyn Mountains while reading a book, you’ll know that car sickness is all too real. Eliminate any chance of making a right mess of your car’s interior by plugging in an audio book and have all the entertainment of reading an actual book, minus the nauseating after effects. The Audi Apple CarPlay and Android Auto means you can stream audio books seamlessly as you hit the ‘cruise control’ button, allowing you to focus on the driving experience.

5. Baby wipes

No longer solely reserved for our mini-me’s, baby wipes come in handy on a number of occasions. From wiping up sticky fingers, to clearing a bit of dust on the dashboard or giving yourself a quick shower-free refresh, baby wipes are the multi-purpose, spill-free solution for cleaning yourself right up.

6. First Aid Kit

This is where the whole ‘failing to plan’ adage comes into play. No one ever anticipates that gorse bush scratch, prickle or bee sting, but they’re always thankful to the person who thought to arm themselves with tweezers, antiseptic and the like to bandage them back up again. Always check that your kit doesn’t need replenishing before you head out, too, as it can be hard to keep stock of what’s been used and what hasn’t.

7. Water 

When the coffee gets a bit too much, swap it out for hydration-friendly water instead. By far the healthiest options where beverages are concerned, water should be your eternal sidekick, not just for when you’re heading on a 7+ hour roadie. Water is handy to keep on hand should you need to top up your car’s water levels during your journey also.

 8. Road trip anthems

There really is nothing like blasting Life is a Highway while you cruise down SH1. An epic Spotify playlist will keep you and your guests entertained as you belt out your favourite tunes, and help keep awkward silences at bay. Check out the Remix Spotify playlist for inspiration, and maximise your listening experience by making use of the optional Bang & Olufsen sound system to be fitted out in your new Audi A3.

9. Sunglasses

Sun strike is no joke, and accounts for a number of nose-to-tail accidents during that witching hour when the sun is at its lowest. Avoid striking out by arming yourself with a couple of pairs of sunglasses to protect your eyes and help with visibility while driving. Not to mention you’ll look 90% cooler when belting out tunes if you have some killer Aviators appropriately placed on one’s face.

 10. Phone charger
From checking out the traffic ahead of time to letting your loved ones know you’ve arrived safely at your destination, your mobile phone is a necessity during a road trip. Keep it juiced up and ready to use when you’re out of the car by keeping it charging en route. Thankfully, the Audi A3 series have a smartphone interface to ensure your phone is always fully charged and ready for use.

Be prepped and ready to hit the road this summer with the new Audi A3.

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