Making modems beautiful with Orcon

Internet modems aren’t usually very sexy, are they? They’re usually buried under a desk or jammed behind cables, tucked out of sight. Fitting then that the crew at Orcon decided to give their modems a makeover, recruiting five local artists as part of the Orcon Designer Series to put a creative twist on the modems, which can now be displayed loud and proud in the home or office.

We asked the Orcon artists the following questions and got them to show us their designs below...

1. Tell us about your design. What’s the meaning/significance/story?

2. What do you think it says about Orcon, that they’re willing to let local artists decorate and design their products?

3. What do you think it is that Kiwi artists share that sets them apart from the rest of the world? A mentality, style or vibe?



1. My design is a mash- up of traditional Maori art and modern stencil work. It kind of represents tangled cables.

2. Traditionally modems are hidden away because they are just a brick of plastic, so I think it’s
a cool idea to try and freshen them up!

3. I honestly don’t think artists from Aotearoa are any different from artists around the world. Artists see and interpret things in a unique way and often artists are inspired by their surroundings.



1. As a public artist, the space and context you’re creating work in is everything. I applied this approach to the modem and created a piece that responded to the space I was given.

2. Safe is dangerous. I think this campaign has been incredibly innovative and it’s cool Orcon went left when everyone else was going right.

3. Our culture is incredibly innovative at the heart; as a creative I’m lucky to be born here and be shaped by it.



1. My work is always a personal response to either something I want to openly discuss or a reflection of a certain time/stage in my life; this work was no exception. Being invited to create an artwork for a wide group of New Zealanders, I wanted to create a discussion of ‘perception’.

2. I love it! I think Orcon are really clever in finding a new way to appeal to the younger market, and finding a way of turning something functional into something beautiful for your home.

3. We have such a beautiful blend of cultures, that it brings a lot of mana and respect to the arts and one another. I think being a Kiwi artist provides a lot of freedom to express our individual opinions and styles.



1. I’ve focused a lot in the past few years on painting portraits as a method of exploring various themes around the Pacific Diaspora. I actually painted the original image for a recent show in Detroit and it’s the first time I’ve expanded beyond the South Pacific to include people from the greater region.

2. My experiences with Orcon have always been positive. I feel like they always give artists a lot of freedom to do what they do on their own terms. That type of respect is always nice.

3. People tell me we’re humble, down to earth and sometimes a little self-deprecating. We’re globally aware but also defined a lot by geographical isolation.



1. I wanted to really tap into the Kiwiana vibe without being too cheesy! I call it my ‘Floxy’ style; lots of layering and vibrant colours. For me it was about bringing the outdoors into an indoor context.

2. Orcon are obviously at the forefront of fresh ideas. They have a really good understanding of who their consumers are and what they want.

3. The more I travel, the more this single notion is driven into my mind; Kiwi artists are so talented, so at the top of the game, yet so incredibly humble.

We're not just going to tease you by just showing you these incredible designs, we're also giving one away to a lucky household, along with a year of free Orcon broadband! The winner will also get to choose which of the Designer Series modems they take home. Head to either our Facebook or Instagram to enter.
*New Zealand only.