The trick to buying international brands online

Shopping online is a guilty pleasure for most of us, especially in the fashion addicted Remix office. However, being based at the bottom of the world can have its downsides, and often our favourite fashion labels just won’t ship our way!

We’ve noticed lately that a few friends of Remix have been using Kiwi service YouShop from NZ Post to get their hands on international brands, so we decided to investigate…

Anna Reeve, blogger and mum to the beautiful identical Reeve Nuggets, used to have it good as her dad would constantly be flying overseas – with a shopping list of goodies for Anna and the boys in tow.

Now that he’s not flying anymore, Anna used YouShop to get the twins matching Zara jackets (and a few treats for herself, of course!) Check out her blog post here, highlighting her experience.


Instagram sensation Loic Quedec, aka @Kedecc, has to update his wardrobe pretty regularly, as his 54.1 thousand followers would probably be a bit disappointed if they saw the same thing twice! He’s just arrived home from a trip to LA and needed to get his hands on some international brands. Already a fan of YouShop from NZ Post, Loic used the service again to get a whole new outfit from Zara.

With the seal of approval from both Loic and Anna, we did some further research and found out that YouShop is super easy to use – basically they give you a US address (and a UK and China address too), which is where you get your items sent to, YouShop alerts you once your parcel has arrived at their warehouse (the US address) which then forwards it on to your address in New Zealand – easy as that! There is a shipping fee to cover the cost of the YouShop service but you can work out what that’ll be before you send your items.

If you want to give the service a go, try out YouShop before August 31st and use the discount code REMIX10 to receive 10% off your YouShop shippings costs.

Head here for more info.