The top spots in Auckland for your after work drink

With summer at its peak many of us would agree that it is somewhat torturous being stuck behind the doors of an air-conditioned office. But because it's the start of a New Year, and remembering the sun isn't setting 'til after 8pm for the next month, we should get off our backsides at the end of the working week and head to our local for a drink (or five). If you're wanting a bit of a change from your usual local though, don't stress because we've compiled a list of rad after-work summer spots to visit. These guys have it all sorted for you, providing an endless range of drinks to quench any thirst. So go out and rejuvenate yourself with some cold brews, a top notch bottle of vino, or some glorious cocktails.

After Work Drink

1. Orleans
48 Customs Street East, Britomart, Auckland

'Music, Liquor, Kitchen' is Orleans’ title and if that's what you're looking for you will not be disappointed. This American bistro is full-on, bringing the Southern Louisiana vibe to the table. You will find all of New Orleans’ classic drinks such as Boiler Makers (American whiskey with American beer) and Sazerac, which is the signature New Orleans cocktail. With New Orleans brought right to our doorstep, this charm will work its voodoo magic on you.

After Work Drink

2. Ralph’s Bar
Location: 225B Dominion Road, Mt Eden
Set in an idyllic and quaint area, Ralph’s is tucked away in a little corner of Mt Eden. It invites you to a phenomenal spectrum of hardy food and drinks. The combo of the best craft beers and ciders along with a whole bowl of extra crunchy curly fries is the perfect combination for an after work get together. Not to mention, their alcoholic slushies with your choice of spirit - yes, please!

After Work Drink

3. Fukuko Bar
Location: 43 Tyler St, Britomart.

This über cool Japanese bar is the 'it' place to enjoy some hard-core Japanese whisky and Shōchū (a distilled spirit, stronger than sake but not quite as serious as whiskey). Sound cool enough for you? Every aspect of the Shōchū cocktail menu is designed to delight us with the perfect blend of fusion and traditional Japanese tastes. Not to mention that they have smooth sake and Kirin on tap!

After Work Drink

4. Mea Culpa
Location: 3/175 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby.

Mea Culpa is no doubt the trendy spot where you'll find your perfect alcoholic refreshment. Located in our very own Ponsonby, Mea Culpa is renowned for its charming bar staff who are ready to enlighten you with their very finely crafted cocktail mixtures. This place can only scream perfection for those wanting to enjoy a cheeky sip after a hard day at work, but if it's Friday this is a great place to keep going all night long.

After Work Drink

5. Cali
Location: 23/27 Nuffield St, Newmarket

With an ambience of serenity, Cali - a Korean inspired bar and eatery - is at its prime. A huge open outdoor and indoor area create a flowing space that's super relaxing, it's even better when you take a look at their seemingly unending wine list. You will surely find your favourite vino amongst a vast exhibit of Californian and Southern French grape wine that would be the perfect treat for a no-shop-talk evening with the work mates.

Words by Jamie Lee
Images @orleansnz, @ralphs_eatery, @fukukobar, @urbanlistakl, @cali_akl