The secret behind the cult-mania surrounding F45

The more you resist trying, the more your intrigue will grow. What makes F45 so successful? What is the ‘secret’ surrounding the cult mania that has swept the world? Founder Rob Deutsch recently shared in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald that the franchise is growing faster than McDonald’s, and is now the fourth fastest growing franchise in the world. Clearly, there is some magic formula working here. 


The secret, is actually, very simple; the product is seamless and complete, and it works. The F45 offering is a lesson in stripping back; taking out the power lifting of similar regimes, providing a progressive overload of workouts mixing cardio and strength (so you CAN workout six times if you like), with short easy to follow sessions that fit into a busy schedule, and the creation of a team environment where everyone is in it together. That’s exactly what owner-operator Mariette has done at her F45 Training Mount Eden studio

We sat down with her to discuss F45 Training and what makes her Mount Eden studio unique: 


What’s different about the F45 experience?

The first thing you will notice when you walk into our studio is that there are no big machines, treadmills or mirrors.   The workouts and equipment change every day to keep the body and mind guessing.  Prior to each class the trainers demonstrate each movement and our technology guides you through every step of the workout. 

F45 centres around HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) – does that mean you have to be pretty fit to do it ?

That questions is kind of like asking “do you need to be clean to take a bath?”.  The answer is a resounding no!!

Why do you think F45 has taken off around the world?

Before F45 I don’t think there was a fun and accessible way that people could work out regularly, without burning out either from boredom, or overworking the same body parts.  It’s also about the culture and mental health benefits gained from working out in a team environment.  

What do clients say is the best thing about going to F45 Training Mount Eden ?

Feedback is that both the culture and the space at F45 Mount Eden is the best they have experienced.  We always strive to make members feel both supported and challenged.

What do I do to try this out?

Head over to our website (, and register for the ‘Introductory 7 Day Pass’ – then come see us!