Meet the new gin beverages redefining what it means to be an RTD...

Scapegrace has released two new premium RTDs just in time for summer. 

There’s no denying that pre-mixed beverages are having a moment, and now we can add premium gin company Scapegrace to the ranks. The Scapegrace Perfect Gin & Tonic and Scapegrace Perfect Gin & Soda have been fashioned out of genuine distilled gin making it one of the only companies in the world to do so, with a majority of similar products on the market being created with gin-flavoured alcohol.


Marketing Director, Mark Neal, says the move to create a premium RTD using Scapegrace was in response to consumer desire to make it easier to enjoy Scapegrace at a range of occasions, without compromising on quality.


He says it was an opportunity to create a premium RTD experience. “As we use actual distilled gin in our pre-mixers, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to elevate the RTD experience.”

The Scapegrace team worked on perfecting the recipe for a year, along with designing a custom bottle to match the refined and classic nature of the Gin & Tonic/Soda experience. 


The RTDs have been perfectly crafted to be ready-to-drink with the hero being the award-winning gin and is accompanied by the Perfect Gin & Tonic with a light ‘garnish’ of blood orange, along with the Perfect Gin & Soda with a touch of lime. 


Neal says the new releases will also appeal to those looking for a “clean” finish as the Scapegrace Perfect Gin & Tonic has only 2.4 grams of sugar, and Scapegrace Perfect Gin & Tonic has zero sugar. 


“It’s not a close approximation of a freshly-poured cocktail, it’s the exact replication.”


In 2018, the widely popular Scapegrace Gold won the world’s best London Dry Gin Trophy at the International Wine & Spirits Competition, along with being the first New Zealand brand in the competition's 49-year history to have won. 


Along with recently the brand’s naturally flavoured Black gin, Scapegrace Black, making headlines nationwide when it sold out of three month’s worth of supply in just one day. 


“Elevating the RTD experience, and making the brand more assessable felt like a natural progression for the brand. It just opens up so many occasions to enjoy New Zealand’s number 1 distilled gin”