The Instagram world isn't collapsing just yet

Social platform users of the incredibly popular app, Instagram, have been in a panic these past few days due to the company's announcement that the current chronological order of posts will be evolving.

Images will be reshuffled on users newsfeeds - no longer appearing in order of time of post but rather images posted based on your previous activity (whose pictures you’ve actually been liking).

The decided method to get around this change is to turn on push notifications for individual users whose posts you actually desire to see, this little ‘turn me on’ reminder has been overwhelming our feeds, never have we ever seen those words used so much over such a short space of time but hey – desperate times call for desperate measures.

Despite the apparent seemingly unavoidable hysteria, Instagram isn’t actually changing – for now.

The company said 'we’re listening and we assure you nothing is changing with your feed right now' they said they would 'let you know when changes roll out more broadly'. Head of fashion partnerships at the company, Eva Chen dismissed rumours on her gram saying that 'take it from me, unless you are dying for up-to-the-nanosecond posts about my nailpolish whims, you don’t need to turn it on tomorrow #trustmeonthispeople'.

So gather yourselves guys and gals, your favourite social media platform isn’t drastically evolving - yet.