Sunday Brunch: Winona Forever

Nestled in the heart of Parnell's dining precinct, this quirky-named eatery has been a  household name since opening in early 2017.

It’s hard to walk past without being lured inside - Winona Forever entices instantly, adorned with hanging baskets and pops of colourful furniture.

From the uniquely-named menu items to the art deco glass spheres of light dripping from the ceiling, this original little brunch spot will have you dabbling in the abstract.

A feast for the eyes from the get go, the immediate distraction from the decor will come in the form of the inumerable delicacies presented in their gigantic food cabinet.

Piles of freshly baked quiches, brioches and crepes displayed alongside towering stacked tarts, slices and cakes; all competing for your tastebuds' attention.   

Resist, if you can, the immediate gratification of the brimming cabinet and instead take a pick from the menu. The aforementioned peculiar names give a hint to the place’s eccentricity; ‘The Ladyboy,’ ‘Magical Mushrooms’ and ‘You’re A Egg’ are all options amongst the 16-strong list.

Mix up your morning with the 'Lady Boy', a crumbed prawn eggs Benedict, or opt for a brunch classic with the Big Breakfast Plate, a Sunday staple.

Regulars on the cafe scene will have heard rumours of ‘The Eton Rifle Pavlova.’ And yes, the rumours are true.

Generously sliced Brioche French Toast are drowned in sweet raspberry compote and adorned with piped meringues, mascarpone and smatterings of summer berries.

Not your average French toast, but then Winona Forever isn’t your average anything.

With an array of beverages to choose from; including indulgent hot chocolates to superfood lattes, super healthy cold pressed juices or smoothies; you'll be spoilt for choice.

Did we mention they are also licensed? A small selection of wines (and beers) are offered, appealing to the true ‘wino forever’ lurking in us all. 


Winona Forever
100 Parnell Road


Imagery credit: Dish & Heart of the City