Remix Eats: Mr Toms, the new spot on Ponsonby Road

Mr Toms happens to be our new neighbour and we're pretty damn chuffed about it, although we definitely have to stop going there for a 'quick' lunch which swiftly turns into a couple too many glasses of rosé. The guys behind the place have done an incredible job with the design, menu and cocktail selection. On our first visit we ordered a couple of the salads - the grilled octopus and chorizo and the cured salmon to be precise, some marinated olives, lamb meat balls, smoked mushroom gluten-free pizza (which was made with a chickpea base and was ridiculously good), and tempura courgette flowers - a table favourite. We highly recommend you check out the new digs next time you're in the Ponsonby area and let us know your favourite dish! Mr Toms is on the corner of Ponsonby road and Anglesea. Head here for more [gallery link="file" ids="8045,8046,8047,8048,8049,8050,8051,8052,8054,8055,8056,8057,8058"]