Step up your smoothie game with these plant-based protein powders

The morning breakkie routine doesn’t have to be hard. If you’re a busy person on the go with no time to sit down for a slice of toast, the next (and better) best thing is to make yourself a smoothie and drink it en route to wherever your morning takes you. 

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With modern life getting busier and more demanding than ever, looking after your health and nutrition is paramount. We may be out of the winter blues, but we’re certainly not immune to the lingering bugs.

Nuzest has always existed to make nutrition easy and with their new Plant Protein+ range of plant protein smoothie mixes, getting the nutrition you need was never easier. All of the products in the range have a pea protein base and are designed as delicious, timesaving, ready-to-go smoothie mixes with targeted health benefits like digestive, immune or vitality support.

Our fave morning smoothie recipe? A banana, a handful of spinach, some frozen blueberries and a scoop of Nuzest’s delicious and nutritious vanilla or salted caramel protein powder to help us get through the morning slog.