Stella Artois – The Perfect Pour

_DSC0006 2Always wanted to know how your local bartender pours you that perfect Stella Artois? Tim Phin caught up with Allaine Schaiko the 2012 Stella Artois World Draught Masters Champion from Leuven in Belgium who showed him how to create that perfectly poured Stella Artois in 9 steps. 1. The Purification It’s important to have a perfectly clean and ice cold glass as it will release the aromas of the beer achieving the best possible aroma and flavour. 2. The Sacrifice Open the tap and let the first burst of foam flow away, this ensures that every single drop of Stella Artois that goes into the chalice is fresh. 3. The Liquid Alchemy Hold the chalice glass at a 45 degree angle, when the beer hits the glass and circulates it will naturally create the perfect proportion between liquid and foam. 4. The Head or the Crown Slightly straighten and lower the chalice to determine the exact size of the foam head you want which should be around 3cm. 5. The Removal Close the tap and quickly remove the glass before any drops falling into the glass 6. The Beheading With the head slightly overflowing the edge of the glass, cut gently with a knife on a 45 degree angle to eliminate the larger bubbles. 7. The Judgement Make sure it is poured perfectly, right amount of foam to liquid. 8. The Cleansing Shower the glass, rinsing the bottom and sides making it perfect for the customer to hold. 9. The Bestowal Finally and the most important step, your Stella Artois is served on a coaster with a drip catcher at the base. So there you have it, you now have the secrets from the World Draught Master himself on how to pour the perfect Stella Artois.  Visit the official Stella Artois New Zealand Facebook page for more information. Sam Cunningham 2013 Stella Artois Draught Master 4