The solo girl guide to travel

Do your homework

Check up on the weather, dress code and the one that always slips our mind- travel adaptors. Charge up on those appliances because you know what they say…pictures or it didn’t happen! Always do your research on accommodation and have a backup plan for when things decide to go sideways. You can never be too prepared when travelling alone. The last thing you want to do is to be scrolling through accommodation options while jet-lagged with a half functioning brain.

Travel insurance

Sh*t happens. Buy travel insurance and keep a copy on you at all times. Thank us later. As much as we hate to, it is also smart to read up on that fine print to make sure your insurance covers your trip appropriately.

Keep in touch

Assure your loved ones before you leave on your big adventure. Planning a conversation can be a good idea for when worried and frantic parents question your journeys.

Fanny pack

Put that fanny pack into use. Carry around your hotel address, extra cash, your passport and your travel insurance.

Take the leap

Break out of your comfort zone. Feel empowered to nod your head at every opportunity. This way, your trip will be 100% more memorable and worthwhile.

Safety first

You’ll find yourself more relaxed if you’re not worrying about being pick pocketed or followed late at night. Safety comes first when carrying the status of a solo girl traveler, so make sure to surround yourself with locals that are friendly and genuine.

Look after yourself

Stay warm, stay comfortable and stay hydrated, whether you are on your flight or on the ground. Don’t get ahead of yourself by wearing your sundress on the plane because chances are, the air con will send shivers down your back.


We all love a good shoe but make sure the functionality and the comfort of the shoe is equally as beautiful as its aesthetic.

Stay healthy

Gyming is probably the last thing on your mind, so your diet at this time becomes very crucial to what shape you’re going to come back home in. Eating healthy will give you the energy and strength you need to tackle the adventures of a solo traveler.  


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