Six Auckland bars that specialise in classic cocktails

Everyone dreams about having their Carrie Bradshaw moment, clocking off work and sipping Cosmopolitans with your clique. With Auckland bartenders experimenting with new cocktails and modern menus, it’s almost impossible to find a place where you can order a good-ol, classic cocktail straight off the menu.  

So, we took it upon ourselves to frequent some of Auckland's best bars to sniff out the classics worth rediscovering. Check out our top libations, here: 

The best spot for: Cosmopolitans
Big Little Grill, Elliot Stables
It might be known for its food, but this Auckland City stunner serve some of the traditional cocktails on their alcohol list. You can order a signature Cosmopolitan, Margaritas, Martinis, Long Island Iced Tea and Moscow Mule. Plus, they’re more than happy for you to stick to beverages but their platters are an ideal way to pace your way through the drink menu. Pushing towards an old school New York approach, you'll fall for this Auckland place immediately.

The best spot for: Margaritas
Mo’s Bar, Federal Street

Tucked away on the corner of Auckland City's Federal Street, Mo’s Bar has been serving up drinks for over 20 years. Mo’s has a wide selection of cocktails and is one of the unique spots that make the timeless classics, from Margaritas and Manhattans to Daiquiris. New Zealand's taste of New York is at this little beaut. Be seated for a perfect drink at a this evening venue for the finest cocktails Auckland's CBD has to offer. You'll be entranced by the party atmosphere and knowledgeable team at this modern night life spot.

The best spot for: Mai Tais
Bedford Soda & Liquor, Ponsonby
Famous for their delicious alcoholic creations, and ‘gramable presentation, this is the perfect spot to order a cocktail on a night out with friends. Located out of Auckland CBD, Bedford soda is our slice of local heaven. You won’t see traditional cocktails on their menu, but if you study the ingredients of their drinks you can order something pretty close to a classic. A pro tip: if you ask nicely your bartender might be willing to mix you up a drink request.

The best for: Gin & Tonics
Gin Room, Vulcan Lane

The Gin Room is classic parlour bar, dedicated to making cocktails. Down the rabbit hole at Auckland's central city hub Vulcan Lane, you can order all of the classics from their menu, and of course, we recommend ordering at least one gin cocktail.

The best for: Pimm's Jugs
Britomart Country Club

The open-plan bar is known for its social atmosphere in the heart of Auckland CBD. Scan the menu and you’ll see an array of lime juice fruity and fresh drinks, at the moment there’s one called the David Beckham. At the very bottom, you’ll see that they have an option of “all the classics”, so you’re free to order whatever you desire.

The best for: Espresso Martinis
Clipper, Ponsonby

Clipper is known for changing up its menu each week, and there’s always something fresh to try in Aucklands Ponsonby. As vibes go, this stylish spot is a top place for our go-to cocktail bar. If you feel like trying your first classic cocktail - order from one of their skilled bar staff who will be happy to oblige.
Our wildcard option;
Auckland's slice of cocktail surprise. Caretaker, located in the central city brings out the inner liquor lover in all of us. Life in this underground place of paradise reminds me that of a New York goto. I can guarentee you will love basically anything they make, but trust in a, Auckland Sweet Whiskey.