Shop in Newmarket this Saturday & they could be paying for your Christmas presents!

DSC_0331 Unless you’re super organised, Christmas shopping is one of those things that we almost always leave to the last minute. From driving around in circles just for a carpark, to the insane amount of people rushing around, it’s always a stressful time - and that’s all without bringing in the fact that you generally have no clue what to get for all of your friends and family members. To take some of that stress away, the guys from Newmarket are going to surprise random people shopping on the 19th of December by shouting their purchases! Whether you’re hitting up Nuffield and Teed Streets for some designer clothes, Broadway for your Christmas essentials, or even doing your weekly shop at the supermarket, the Newmarket team will be paying the bill. They’ve got $15,000 to spend on surprising shoppers so make sure you’re in Newmarket this Saturday! If you want to know more head here or look up @newmarketnz #ourshout #newmarketnz Words by Daisy Conroy-Botica