Tech news: Samsung releases the ultimate duo

Fusing fashion with functionality, Samsung's latest offerings bring innovative technology and seamless synchronicity to the fore.

The new Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Watch gives you the freedom to work, play and save on the go, thanks to its synchronicity with their new limited edition Galaxy S7 Edge edge in Black Pearl. 

Samsung GS7 Black Pearl_Campaign Shot

Sleek and sophisticated in its design, the Black Pearl is a good to look at as it is easy to use - equipped with 128GB memory and an accompanied by a complimentary 265GB SD card for a limited time, the lightweight device is wrapped in a reflective black finish that adds depth to its stylish glass design.

When linked up with the Gear S3 Frontier Watch, you'll be fully mobile, wherever you decide to roam. The sophisticated watch aesthetic matches perfectly to that of the Black Pearl, and can be dialed up or down depending on your agenda for the day. 

Be the envy of all your friends by winning the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Watch for yourself. Head over to the Remix Facebook page for details on how to win!

The Samsung Gear S3 frontier Watch (RRP $599.00) and the Galaxy S7 edge in Black Pearl (RRP $1,599.00) are available from Spark, 2 Degrees, Samsung's online store and selected retailers.