Salmon fillet: A recipe to make entertaining a crowd easy

Recipe, words and photography by Lauren Matthews from The Kitchen Collective Unbeknown as to why, but I often get asked for recipes to please a crowd. In particular, would-be entertainers talk of over piling store-bought cheese and crackers onto a plate and calling it a platter. They want something modern and tasty but ultimately, easy. Take heed: this recipe takes five minutes to rustle together, pairs perfectly with an afternoon wine or two and will not fail to impress. Ingredients - 1 whole Regal Wood Smoked King Salmon Fillet - 1/2 red onion - thinly sliced - 2 tablespoons of capers - zest and juice of one lemon - 1 tub of creme fraiche - micro herbs to garnish - crusty bread to serve Smoked Regal Salmon Fillets are ready to go. I specifically like that they strictly use New Zealand salmon. And yes, Atlantic salmon is amazing, but do you really want fish that's been shipped half way across the world? Didn't think so. Simply place the salmon on a platter, then in a small bowl cover the sliced red onion with the juice of one lemon - the acid will slightly cook the onion making it less astringent and more palatable - leave for a couple of minutes. Now it's a matter of placing the capers, onions, lemon zest, micro herbs and creme fraiche atop the salmon. Get creative. Serve alongside fresh crusty bread or crackers and a crisp white wine. Voila - host/ess with the mostest for sure. [gallery ids="6441,6443,6444,6445"]