The rise and rise of the Instagram mum

Imagine an online community that brings together fashion, food, culture and adorable children. Now stop imagining because it already exists.

Insta mums’, as they are more commonly known, as are a group of young mothers who share insights on their experience of motherhood via social media. With flair and panache, these women document their existence for adoring followers the world over.

What makes them really compelling, though, is their introspection and sincerity about the challenges of motherhood.

For Nikki Allwood, the mother of twins Frankie and Harper, alongside her countless glamorous photos of her twins there are equally candid moments of stretch marks and projectile baby vomit.


never has there been a more real picture.

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On a similar note, mother of two Abby Plested offers insight into raising her too-cute-for-words children in a blended family. These documented experiences, although super glamorous at times, are underlined by quick-witted comments when things don't quite go to plan... 


I actual love how Goldie is happy like all the time

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Whilst parenting is unsurprisingly difficult, these Insta Mums are experiencing a fullness of life that many love to see and be a part of - even if it is online. From their first words to dropping their kids off to their first day of kindergarten, mums like Kellie Pardoe are enjoying their children’s ‘firsts.’ The great part of this narrative is that us as followers can join in on their journey too. We are privy to their highs and lows.


This photo cost me two chocolate fish and all I got was attitude #shedrivesahardbargain #ifeelathreenagercomingon

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For Anna Reeve, mother to twin boys Oscar and Hunter, she finds inspiration from other Insta Mums and tries to emulate their tenacity and strength. It can almost be quite surprising to think that above and beyond shared experiences, these Insta Mums are also inspiring not only each other but hopefully other mums as well. Mums all over the world do their best to raise their children in a society where sharing experiences is commonplace.


...and then they found the mud!

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What is also common about these Insta Mums is that they parent with a bit of finesse and a whole lot of honesty.