There’s no Christmas tradition without a treat (or two) from Daily Bread

Christmas is finally here and ‘tis the season for avant-garde decorations, Christmas movies on the couch and most importantly, festive treats. Christmas mince pies piled high on your most aesthetic plate, or maybe Stollen is your preferred treat? New Zealand’s most festive (and delicious) Christmas treats from Daily Bread cover all grounds, offering the best in the business from Sour Cherry Christmas Mince Pies to a Daily Bread x Whittakers Christmas Cake collaboration. Discover more below… 

Spreading joy is an essential part of festive tradition, especially after the year that’s been. Christmas mince pies have been a staple throughout Christmas history, with some saying that they ensure good health and happiness for the upcoming year. Daily Bread offers a beautiful twist on the classic and traditional with  Sour Cherry or Traditional Strawberry.

Stollen is another in-store bite-sized option, but ordering online means you can also opt for a 1kg option (yes please!). The Daily Bread recipe was passed down from baker Patrick Welzenbach’s grandfather, bringing a taste of history to the plate. Using quality ingredients from the finest butter in NZ to sultanas from South Australia makes this fruit-heavy masterpiece a delicious compliment to your evening tea (or tipple). Sat in the middle is Daily Bread’s homemade marzipan, a perfect blend of almonds, sugar, and a hint of amaretto, and the perfect way to top off a Christmas essential. 


If you’re hosting this year, look no further than a freshly baked mille-feuille cake, 16 inches of delight in a strawberry or raspberry option. Layers of buttery, crumbly pastry are separated by creamy custard and tart compote. The raspberry harks a refreshing and light option, but if you’re feeling a little more indulgent, the strawberry is paired perfectly with a chocolate custard.  If Christmas Cake is more to your taste, Daily Bread collaborated with New Zealand’s finest chocolatier, Whittakers, to bring the Daily Bread x Whittakers Chocolate Orange Cake - a blend of Whittaker’s Creamy Milk and Dark, alongside zesty orange, almonds, honey, prunes, raisins, warm spices and a hint of coffee liqueur. The last day to order these cakes is the 20th of December, so get in quick! 

Worthy of securing a spot on your list of Christmas traditions, Daily Bread’s delights crafted with love are online and in stores now.