Rhythm Ramping Up The Technology With Vodafone And Stolen Girlfriend’s Club

The guys behind the biggest New Year party have joined forces with leaders in technology Vodafone and leaders in fashion Stolen Girlfriend’s Club to make your festival experience even better… Stolen_Solar 3545 copy If you haven’t made your New Years plans yet, then here’s another reason you should hit up one of the Rhythm festivals! When you’re at a festival or concert, how many times did you wish that WiFi was more accessible? That you didn’t have to wait in line to load up your wristband or that you had a portable cellphone charging device with you for when your battery dies? The Rhythm Group team behind Rhythm and Vines and Rhythm and Alps feel your pain, which is why they’ve teamed up withVodafone NZ and the Stolen Girlfriends Club crew to totally transform your new year experience through Rhythm! Check out the awesome launch video below... Vodafone NZ is injecting their mobile technology into the Rhythm experience by offering their SmartPass mobile payment system to festival-goers. You can now swipe your compatible phones on selected eftpos terminals at the festivals VIP Vintage Club to make secure and fast payments. No more queuing! Did we mention there’s also a mobile app? The Vodafone Festival app will allow you to check and top up your wrist bands. More time to party! Festival-goers will also  stay well-connected thanks to the juiced-up mobile cell sites that will be in the hallowed Gisborne and Cardrona festival turfs. Those in the Vintage Club area can enjoy the perks of free WiFi as well! To launch all these epic New Year gadgets, there was an exclusive launch held down at Stolen Girlfriends Club HQ last night, where the Remix crew were among the select few treated to a live performance by PleasePlease. A mini showcase demonstrated how 1,000 lucky Vodafone customers and their friends will be spared the dreaded battery fail this New Years thanks to the 1,000 solar-powered mini-sized mobile chargers on offer! Taking their irreverent fashion style to new heights in their partnership with Vodafone and to celebrate this new innovation, the Stolen Girlfriend’s Club design team used 60 solar panels to customise their very own festival garments. They turned a chic leather dress and guy’s shorts into mobile charging stations! This final creation Stolen Girlfriend’s Club Creative Director Marc Moore called “A festival gladiator, with the solar panels resembling scales of armour.” As if this wasn’t enough, as part of the upcoming Vodafone Believe the Buzz competition which starts on December 2nd, ten lucky people will win a Rhythm and Vines or Rhythm and Alps experience by uploading their favourite festival caption with the #RnVBuzz  to the Vodafone Facebook competition page. If you are one of the lucky winners your caption will then me matched to a Rhythm Group Festival image and will appear in Vodafone billboards nationwide! Keep an eye on the Vodafone Facebook page for more information. Also click here for more information at Vodafone NZ online.