Remix Reviews: Spring Spa Ponsonby

"I AM FLOATING" - was the first message I sent my colleague upon exiting Ponsonby's answer to an inner-city oasis - Spring Spa

What preceded such a message was 60 minutes of pure bliss, in the form of Spring's signature massage. 

It's clear the Spring experience begins the second you walk through the bright and airy reception area, being greeted by a friendly staff member armed with still water laced with orange and a questionnaire to ensure your experience is tailored to your needs and pressure preference. 

A bit of a wuss in every sense, I opted for medium pressure, with a focus on my lower back and shoulders (working slumped over a keyboard day in and day out has done my posture zero favours). 

I must admit I was surprised when I was introduced to my therapist for the evening, Yui, only came with the standard two arms, as I was convinced she was a descendant of Kali (the eight-armed Hindu god for the unfamiliar).

Yui artfully kneaded, rolled and smoothed sandalwood oil over my upper back and shoulders, gently discovering every knot. 

My lower back and legs followed, not before turning over for a full exploration of my shoulders and decollete, lower legs and scalp. 

It was the little things that really enhanced this experience. Think luxurious sheets and a plush, downy duvet that kept every limb cozy while not being worked on. The generously sized bed meant I could fully relax without fear of rolling off, while a foam wedge under my legs saved my lower back, and a large pillow under my head prevented any discomfort.

You'd be hard pressed to not believe you've been teleported to Bali, what with the minimalist interior, rattan decor, and sitar-esque soundtrack pumping through the speakers. 

Sandwiched between Ponsonby stalwart Prego and Studio 23, Spring Spa has been delivering a sense of calm and tranquility to one of Auckland's busiest strips since November last year. 

This Mother's Day, spoil mum (and yourself?) with one of Spring's exclusive offers. Ranging from their Perfectly Polished package, which includes a 30-minute back massage and 15-minute file and paint for hands or feet, for only $80.00. Glow Ahead includes a 30-minute CODAGE Instant Facial, 15-minute CODAGE Bright Eyes, and 30-minute Shellac Manicure for $140.00. 

If you're wanting to share in the pampering with your mum, why not opt for the It Takes Two treatment, a 45-minute Lewis Road Hot Cream and Almond Manicure or Pedicure to enjoy at the same time, available from May 7- May 13. 

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Image credit: Ashleigh Cometti