Remix Editor-in-Chief Judges the Fashion at the 47th Annual NZ Polo

Nestled in the sun-kissed Clevedon countryside, the 47th Annual NZ Polo Open captivated the large crowd of eager spectators, all seeking a glimpse of the Polo ponies. While the event undoubtedly thrilled the sports enthusiasts among the audience, it’s the extravagant fashion showcase that has us eagerly anticipating the debrief of Remix Fashion at the Polo.

Image via Norrie Montgomery 

This year, our very own Editor-in-chief, Amber Baker, was one of the judges for the ‘best dressed’ prize alongside Sally Richardson of Cable, and Robert Niwa of Crane Brothers. 

Image via Norrie Montgomery

Best Dressed Lady 

We adored this look—the consistent infusion of red signifying a sophisticated and impeccably styled aesthetic. Très chic!

Best Dressed Gentleman

In a refined cream suit accented by a taste touch of blue, this look embodies the essence of sophistication, seamlessly blending elegance with a subtle hint of smart casual charm. 

Best Accessories 

Styled in a classic striped shirt, complemented by oat brown trousers, this look serves as the perfect Polo attire for a gentleman enjoying a sunlit day watching the Polo. The crowning touch of a cowboy hat and aviators completes the look, earning this gentleman the winning award.


As we reminisce about the glamorous summer day, we eagerly await next year's NZ Polo Open!