Remix Drives: Tim Phin takes the new Jaguar XE for a spin

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.45.08 pm

In the lead up to our next issue of Remix, I’ve been doing a bit of research. Last week I had the opportunity to test drive the new Jaguar XE and can confidently say that this car nails luxury.

Although this is the lower end price model, the Jaguar XE has all the qualities of a luxurious top-of-the-range vehicle, with the beautiful lines, curves and sculpting of the F-Type. It even has the same steering wheel.

The XE is definitely a sports car, but for the urban professional. It’s totally equipped to hit the road for a long weekend, but it’s also tailored to zip around the city streets and cater to the needs of businesspeople on the move.

It’s also roomy. Unlike a lot of other sports cars the XE has room for your friends and the tilted seating in both the front and back makes it easy to customize your comfort.

The stereo system and control panel are all touch screen and the 8-inch display feels like the tablet you’re used to using in everyday life.

Last but not least, the XE that I test drove had a diesel engine, which I’ve come to prefer. It’s cleaner and more efficient, plus it doesn’t cost a packet to fill up!

Full vehicle details and test drive information here.