Redefining modern luxury with Lexus

In a fashion-forward world, it is no surprise that the Lexus CT 200h is turning heads.

Hailed as the ‘perfect balance of luxury and efficiency,’ the new hybrid is your answer to a hybrid electric luxury compact that is unflawed by inner-city boundaries. The Lexus CT 200h is no exception to the brands outstanding reputation for fuel efficiency and luxury - with a fun and sporty aesthetic.  

That’s not all. The hybrid features four modes to assist you in any driving environment. The intuitive response of the cars technology caters to rural and urban car enthusiasts alike. Not to mention the comfort of knowing you are driving an environmentally conscious and fuel-efficient vehicle.

The Lexus does not disappoint fans with its luxurious approach to modernism. LED lights blanket the car’s interior, with dashboard meters illuminated by Optitron Technology.

Pioneering this technological feat, Lexus provide a crystal-clear interpretation of speed, fuel levels and mileage. The uniquely progressive design features do not stop there. The Lexus CT 200h is equipped with eight SRS airbags, Lane Departure Alerts and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.

For those not familiar with such a high calibre of Accident Prevention Technology, the above-mentioned qualities offer a Pre-Crash Safety system with Autonomous Emergency Braking that is paramount.  

If you’re wishing to solidify your ‘cool-kid-in-the-family’ reputation, then look no further. The Lexus CT 200h offers the whole package for a modern, style-focused yet safety conscious individual.

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