How to quit your job and get paid to travel the world

Few things bring us as much joy as travelling does. But what would make this joy even more long-lasting is if the trip never-ended. And we got paid to do it.

Three Instagram couples have made this dream their reality, much to our envy.

Read on to discover their top tips on how they managed to leave their jobs and travel the globe (for free!).  

Chanel & Stevo
Chanel and Stevo have traveled to 15 countries since March 2015. They left with $15,000 and never looked back! "We saved anywhere between 10 to 20 percent of our salaries. We cashed in our retirement annuities. We also sold our cars, all our furniture, and some belongings. We always make sure to have an emergency amount for a flight home, but other than that, all our savings went into this." They also share that using Air BnB for accommodation saves a lot of much needed money, and if planning to stay long-term try and get a job lined up before you have run out of money - but make sure you enjoy some much needed time off first. 

Eliana & Travis
These guys saved about $10,000 before jetting off around the globe. They started in January 2016 buying one way tickets and planned to travel for around eight or nine months. They had no working visa so getting an income was close to impossible. They too used websites such as Air BnB and paid around $10 a night for a room with a double bed. One big tip they give is too leave a decent amount of money at home with a family member. That way, when you have run out of money you are still able to get back home. 

Taylor & Stephanie
Taylor and Stephanie began travelling in 2014 with $15,000 to their names. Although they didn't make any money travelling, they helped with exchange programmes and gained some free accommodation and free meals. They also hitchhiked a lot which saves a lot of pennies. They ended up coming back to the US and saving some more money before jetting off again! A tip they give to other travelers is if you have accommodation at home, put it on Air BnB to gain some funds for when you are away. 

Image source: How Far From Home, When In Roaming, Lesbinomadic