Our latest, healthiest obsession: Phoenix Organics Switchels!

Apple Cider Vinegar is touted by many as the natural holy grail of wellbeing, and for good reason! I thought its benefits were the stuff of silly wives tales, until I took it each day for an entire winter season. No nasty colds or flu came my way, my hair was shiny and I had far less belly bloat (a side effect I wasn’t expecting!). ACV is also fantastic for lowering cholesterol and blood sugar, reducing body fat and fighting many types of harmful pathogens.

The downside of Apple Cider Vinegar? It tastes TERRIBLE. As much as I loved how beneficial it was for my health, I dreaded my daily ACV shot and the spluttering that followed. So, you can imagine my excitement when these innovative elixirs came up on my radar; introducing Phoenix Organics Switchels!

Switchels were originally an American heritage beverage to hydrate and invigorate farmhands during the hot harvesting season. Phoenix has given them a modern twist and created the perfect drink for us to incorporate ACV into our busy lives, without compromising on taste! 

Phoenix adds exciting organic ingredients such as blueberry juice, ginger and manuka honey to ACV and sparkling water for the perfect pick-me-up potion in three flavours: Blueberry, Peach and Ginger, and Rasberry and Honey. 

You’ll find me drinking Switchels, well, every day from now on. I’m so excited for a drink that both tastes and makes me feel fabulous! Join me and grab your own from all the best supermarkets and cafes.