How to Plan the Perfect Party

As we all know, planning a party can be a super stressful process – there’s a crazy amount to organise; from the music to the lighting, the food to the decorating, knowing the basics of what makes an event great, whilst also simple, is a huge help.

Together with Applejacks Cider, we’ve put together a little party-planning guide, so you don’t have to fret about your next gathering. In fact, all you’ll have to worry about is pressing play on the stereo!

  1. Lighting is key!

When it comes to parties, you need an exciting and fun ambience in order for your guests to have a good time! If the event is outside, think about getting some fairy lights or lanterns to dress the place up. Always consider candles – they’re a fun and easy way to bring light to a party (when lit in a safe place of course!)

  1. Music will make or break.

Music will always set the mood at a party. In other words, it is important to create a playlist that won’t have your guests bored out of their minds! Think about what music you and your fellow partygoers will enjoy – Kate Moss has said she always has some Blondie or The Rolling Stones playing at her bashes!

  1. Think about food!

Although burgers and pizza seem like a great idea, they aren’t exactly cocktail dress friendly, and they definitely are not the easiest things to eat. Platters of finger food or canapés are perfect and will have your guests satisfied, as well as being easier for you. Win-win!

how to plan the perfect party

  1. Timing is fundamental.

Plan the timing of food, drinks and any activities first. If the party is outside, think about the sunset on a clear evening or otherwise a cool fire pit to liven the place up a bit. Also ensure you invite the guests at a reasonable hour when they can all make it, and never be afraid to tell anyone who overstays their welcome to maybe call a taxi. Especially once it hits 3am.

      5. Remember to relax! 

When the festivities finally kick off, have fun! Make sure that you have a good time at your own party by not worrying too much. Of course try to make sure your guests are entertained, but also make sure you let your hair down – after all the planning - you deserve it!

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