Nuzest’s Clean Lean Protein is changing the game

If you’re looking for a new protein fix, we’ve got you covered. Nuzest is paving the way for protein powders with a plant-based recipe that will have you lifting, lunging and living your best life, with an unexpected ingredient that’s changing the game. 

While you’re likely well versed in the benefits of protein powder – muscle growth and recovery, weight management and nutrition to name a few – types of protein sources are lesser-known. Don’t fret, we’re here to help.  

While whey protein is marvelled globally for containing branched-chain amino acids, some key players are being overlooked in the protein game. Pea protein is quickly gaining traction in the health and wellness realm and for good reason. With bucket loads of benefits, it’s a mystery as to why we haven't been filling our diets to the brim with this holy grail veggie. 

Peas are a complete source of protein, boasting all nine essential amino acids that are needed for processes in the body. High in fibre and vitamins, pea protein is also easy to digest and free of common allergens like lactose and gluten. For those with food intolerances or on a particular diet, this plant-based protein alternative is an effective source for body and health support. 

What makes Nuzest’s Clean Lean Protein a cut above the rest is its concentrated European Golden Pea base, making it one of the highest quality pea powders on the market with 88 percent protein compared to the typical 80-85 percent. From seed to tub, Nuzest uses only the ingredients you need, and the cleanest processing required to bring them to you, making it better for you and the environment.  

This premium quality powder provides the building blocks for vitality, repair, recovery and muscle growth, supporting your health goals without causing inflammation or triggering sensitivities. In other words, music to our ears when training and reaching our goals. 

Pea is for protein which is why we’re locking and loading this must-have wellness hack. Try out Nuzest’s Clean Lean Protein for an elevated fitness journey, it really packs a punch!