Foods you think you're too good for, but are not

The time has come... the time to forget sushi doughnuts, turmeric lattes, and blue buns - time to get back to basics. New Zealand should be the land of the gumboot and the steak and cheese pie, not the land of cruffins and the cronuts.

It’s time to kick geometric rice desserts in the proverbial do(nuts), we have heard your cries of extreme smoothie bowl-induced poverty, and we have responded with no less than 13 foods you need to reacquaint yourself with immediately… 

Petrol Station Pie

Sometimes it just seems plain dirty to be forking out hard-earned cash on a bowl of rice, raw fish, and cucumber, especially when a good ol’ fashioned pie from ya local petty will set you back no more than a few dollars. 

Spaghetti Boats 

I don’t think I will ever experience the same level of happiness that I felt when I was given a few dollars to spend at the tuck shop on recess. I loved that food so much, I honestly think about it once a week I reckon. Anyway, long story short my school did a lit spaghetti boat. 

Wild Bean Coffee

You can order on an app, ‘nuf said.

Bunnings Snarler 

Bunnings: New Zealand’s favourite snag vendor which also happens to sell hardware. There ain’t no Saturday activity that compares to walking up to your nearest big green box and dropping a few dollars on a sanga. 

Baked Beans w or w/o sausages and meatballs

The only thing better than baked beans is baked beans with little non-descript sausages swimming around in them and served with white buttery bread. 

Chicken and coleslaw roll

There ain’t nothing better than a cooked chook, some slaw, and a side of gourmet mayo. 

Anything Sara Lee

Sara, my hero. 

Fake Cheese 

Just like Jesus’ immaculate resurrection, this stuff defies all logic, but it’s still a flawless creation. 


Two Minute Noodles



English Muffins 

I do not mind a split muffin any day of the week. 


Swiss Roll (chocolate log whatever you call it)

Just, yum. 


Sausage Rolls

The embodiment of everything it means to be a pre-adolencent growing up in the later twentieth century, my lord and saviour; the sausage roll. 


Pataks Butter Chicken Ready To Cook Sauce 

Niche, but still relevant. No one makes it like Patak.