Monday must-haves

Like many of us, Mondays may not be your thing. The start of the work week usually calls for copious amounts of coffee, inspirational laptop wallpapers and daydreaming about your upcoming weekend antics. Here at Remix, we have compiled a list of must-haves to keep you working hard, feeling fresh, and help you conquer the working week with a positive mindset. So whether you need to budget for a new bag, switch up your skincare routine, get your hands on a good read, or cleanse your entire existence, our Monday must-haves will help you get on the right track. 

Little Bird Organics Clean Green Cleanse
Give your body some well-deserved R&R this week with a Little Bird Organics cleanse - you'll thank yourself come the weekend! Designed to cleanse and revitalise your bod, the Clean Green Cleanse is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to ensure your body is functioning at its full potential. From Matcha & Mint milk and Charcoal Lemonade Tonic to Cold Pressed Green Juice and Morning Keffir Limeade, your taste buds will be tingling and your body will feel fueled for the week ahead!

Image from Little Bird Organics Blog


Superette Jewellery Box
If you're like me and have zero organisation when it comes to your jewellery, then this Monday must-have will be ideal for you. Perfect for storing those precious pieces, this jewellery box by simplistic homeware brand, Menu, is modern, elegant, crafted from White Oak and totally deserving of a spot in our bedroom. 

Image from Superette


Deadly Ponies Yingo Yango Collection
If you need something to brighten the start of your week, look no further than the latest Deadly Ponies collection. While all the styles are beautiful (and are now on my wishlist), I just couldn't look past the Mr Mini Robin in Wasabi Yellow. That colour literally beams with happiness and summer vibes! The Mr Teddy Croc and the Mini Lady Wallet are so petite and chic making them perfect for everyday wear or a classy evening look. 

Images from Deadly Ponies


Swisse Cranberry Antioxidant Facial Oil
This little gem has been in my skincare routine for the past few weeks now and I am loving it! Packed full of various kinds of fruit oils (including cranberry, raspberry and pomegranate) and a whole load of Vitamin E, this facial oil has helped brighten, hydrate and even out my skin. I pop a few drops onto my palm in the morning and evening, massage it into my face and neck, and I am left feeling radiant and ready to conquer the day. 

Image from Topsy


Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur 
I've recently rekindled my love for poetry with this incredible read about healing, growth, survival, pain and sweetness. It puts all these crazy, wild feelings we have into their most simplistic form helping us make sense of them. This collection of shorts poems and simplistic doodles are divided into four chapters - the hurting, the loving, the breaking and the healing. It's a quick, emotional read, but it will leave you feeling very moved. 

Image from Wee Reader

Happy Monday!

Images from Little Bird Organics Blog, Superette, Deadly Ponies, Topsy, Wee Reader.