Monday Must-Haves

If you think about it, technically Monday should be the best day of the week. The start of a new week marks the opportunity to make every day the best it can possibly be, spread love and light around like fairy dust, and embrace every opportunity and challenge with vigor. So if you think about it, there really is no excuse for Monday-itis. 

At Remix, we're lucky enough to do what we love and love what we do! We encourage you to do the same! But if in doubt, check out our Monday Must-Haves to get you inspired and pumped for the week ahead! 

Heat meets Beats
We can almost guarantee you've at least heard of, if not sweated out your body's full store of water during, Bikram Yoga. Whether you love it, or love to hate it, there's a new type of bikram in town and it's a class with a cause. Heat meets Beats is a silent Bikram Yoga class with no dialogue, just a specifically curated playlist. Held in honour of the Auckland City Mission this Friday (23rd June), the class will raise funds for those in need this chilly season. If you're keen to give it a go but consider your downward dog more of a downward don't - never fear, all levels are welcome, especially beginners! Head down to Hot Yoga Works (13 Commerce Street, Auckland) at 8pm this Friday with your $10 donation at the ready. 

Here's what you can expect: 

[video width="320" height="576" mp4=""][/video]

Beat the Microbead
with Trilogy
Love the ocean? You should - the ocean connects people from all over the world, not to mention being the home to trillions of marine life. One such brand campaigning to keep our oceans clear is Trilogy, a proud supporter of the United Nations-recognised World Oceans Day and the international Beat the Microbead campaign both of which aim to honour, protect and conserve the world's oceans. Microbeads are the damn worst of all pollutants, not only do they irritate skin but they are non-biodegradable, so small they wash through wastewater filters, from your bathroom sink straight into the ocean. We urge you to swap your microbead-laden exfoliant for Trilogy's Gentle Facial Exfoliant, a safe natural alternative that gently polishes the complexion and is completely biodegradable! For your bod, consider Trilogy's Exfoliating Body Balm as your new ocean-safe go-to. Good for your skin, and good for the environment? We'll take two! 

Child Cancer Wig Wednesday
We'll be wigging out this Wednesday (21st June) in support of the Child Cancer Foundation! Backed by notable celebs like Jess Quinn and Joseph Parker, Wig Wednesday (21st June) encourages businesses and schools across the country to don a wig and make a donation to the Child Cancer Foundation! Don't forget to share your pic on social with the hash tag: #WigWedNZ!  

Take It Off Towel
You'll never stress out about running out of face wash again, cue a face cloth that we're convinced was brought to life by wizards, that makes easy work of removing the day's makeup, dirt and oil from skin. The finest threads of polyester (100 times thinner than human hair) are woven together to create a surface area larger than that of traditional fibres, meaning they can easily attach to microscopic specks of dirt and oil, and absorb them gently from your skin!  Too easy! 

Happy Monday all!