How to manage your mood with food


A growing body of research suggests that diet, lifestyle and nutrition should be considered a mainstream approach in supporting mental health. BePure founder Ben Warren elaborates.

Ben Warren’s story is a remarkable one. As a leading clinical nutritionist and founder of scientific, holistic health company BePure, he has an ambitious goal for a better future of health in New Zealand.


Through his clinical work, Ben spends extensive time researching mental health and how what we put in our body has the ability to alter our mood and mental wellbeing. He is about to share his findings with the nation on his latest tour, Food, Mood & Anxiety.


Whether it be ourselves, or someone we love, there have been staggering statistics released about New Zealand, illuminating just how much we are impacted by mental health concerns.




When we’re feeling low or anxious, food, nutritional deficiencies and the lifestyle we’re living are not often the first things that comes to mind in regards to our mental wellbeing. A growing body of research is showing that they should.


Ben believes that nutrient deficiencies could be contributing to our mental health crisis. ‘When it comes to mental health, we need to go back to a systems biology approach, and address the underlying dysfunction of the system as a whole,’ says Ben.


‘Micronutrients are the foundation on which our systems are built. Mental health is a complex interplay of many aspects of our body’s physiology and micronutrients are essential to many of these aspects’.


But how do we know which nutrients we’re missing? Ben, who has spoken to over 60,000 people on the science behind nutrition and health, may be able to help. With over 15 years of clinical practice behind him, Ben is dedicated to supporting New Zealanders in understanding their all-important mind-body connection.



Food, Mood & Anxiety nationwide tour March - May, 2019. 


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