Mac's Brew Bar's delicious new creation

They say make hay while the sun shines, and it seems the Mac’s brewers have taken the phrase quite literally with their new limited edition release, Mac’s Hay Day.

Brewed using specialty French Saison Yeast, Mac’s Hay Day is a 5.5% Farmhouse Ale. The clever Mac's brewers have created their own take on the beverage originally made for farm workers in the French-speaking part of Belgium and the result is a deliciously unusual beer, with a mix of sweet, earthy, fruity, citrusy and almost clove-like characters.

Remix boss man, Tim Phin, headed down to Mac's on Quay Street in Auckland to taste the Farmhouse Ale for himself - and by 'taste' we mean, spent the afternoon in the sun with a jug of the good stuff!

Mac's Brew Bar also has a range of incredible sodas - Feijoa Pear, Lemon Crush, Green Apple and their own delicious Ginger Beer, as well as a range of yummy snacks to give you energy while you peruse their beer and cider menu. 

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