10 things we loved and noted about the All-New Discovery

We’re the first to admit that our knowledge of the intricacies of our motor vehicles leaves room for improvement. But when we were asked to join a select team of journos to test drive the all All-New Land Rover Discovery – we were quick to have our pens poised and notebooks at the ready. What followed was a day of thrill-seeking adventure, exploring Wellington’s rolling hills as we swerved, turned, and cruised through the countryside. So, here are a few things we love and noted about the All-New Discovery – pay attention – we might quiz you!

#1 Unlike its siblings, the All-New Discovery boasts a svelte new silhouette, which is more than 450 kilos lighter than previous models in the Land Rover family.

#2 While maintaining an air of inner city chic, the All-New Discovery is also a bit of a road rager. Not only can this beautiful machine take you on a speedy coffee run but take this bad boy off road and you’ll see no obstacle is an issue. As we found out while test driving our one, the All-New Discovery seamlessly tackles steep terrain and adjusts to the most awkward positions automatically.

#3 Picture this: armfuls of sale purchases from Zara (aka a lot of bags), coffee in one hand, gift for the mother-in-law in the other, pushing a trolley full of goods from Countdown’s most recent wine sale, OH and it’s raining – sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Wrong, at the click of a button the car RECONFIGURES the back seat to offer more boot space AND the boot opens upon arrival. Genius. We’re sold.

#4 It allows you to be ‘always on’. More now than ever do we rely on our smartphones to keep us in the loop. Flat technology is a thing of the past – with over 12 charging outlets distributed throughout the car you can selfie, snap, chat, text, tweet and story yourself silly.

#5 Every seat is the best seat in the house. The All New Discovery seats seven adults. No more war cries of ‘shot-gun’ or rushing for the co-pilot position because each seat on offer will keep your squad looking super chic.

#6 Entertainment is king – The Meridian sound system is technologically advanced and with up to 10 speakers in the vehicle, the sound is smooth and balanced. Road trip playlists never sounded so impressive.

#7 The All-New Discovery is intuitive and connectivity was a high priority. Employing InControl technology this clever vehicle can stream music, navigate without prompt, track a stolen vehicle, store up to 10GB of HD movies and wait for it… THERE IS WIFI!!!

#8 Backing a trailer never looked so good – with an electronically deployable tow bar (translation: it can be hidden) hitch and load assist system even the worst reversers can have their time to shine.

#9 The All-New Discovery is luxurious and customizable – let your inner interior designer run wild on Windsor Leather, twin needle stitching, wood and metal finishes – you’ll find it difficult leaving once you’ve reached your A from B.

#10 Walking your dog? Attempting a jog? Re-enacting the rain scene from The Notebook? The All-New Discovery offers an Activity Key – a snazzy looking Fit Bit-esque wrist key that you snap on while the key fob sits safely inside the vehicle. It is water proof and eliminates charging around with a wad of keys. #lifehack

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Photography by Mark Tantrum