Girls Guide To: A successful long distance relationship

I’m going to be blunt, long distance relationships, they suck.

However, before you double text him all in caps at 3am, demanding he come online, I am here to give some calming words of relationship wisdom. So rejoice my woebegone friends, love is alive and well, and no matter the distance, I’m here to tell you it can be done!

Any relationship, whether you live in the same city or not, is built on trust, this is not a new concept, but an important one. Establish trust and belief in the relationship itself and foster it. If this trust is complete, then you will avoid a lot of fights and tears.

Plan ahead! Plan time to see each-other, time to Skype, or a time message. However make sure not to base your relationships worth, solely on how connected you are. You don’t have to talk constantly, make time and make it count.

One of the hardest parts of long distance is loneliness. When you’re spending yet another night with your Netflix account, try to think positively. If you start obsessing over the negative, take a moment and step back, remember why you are doing this.

A nice way of being with your partner even when you’re apart is to Skype each other while you’re both doing something. It doesn’t matter if you’re just folding the washing and he is studying, you don’t even have to talk, just knowing the person is there normalises the situation, and will act as a comfort.

Distance is the worst, but it also means when you are together it’s exciting. Plan for fun trips and activities for when you do see each other, getting excited about an upcoming visit will help get you through the tougher times.

I'm telling you people distance does not mean done, your relationship can survive! Look at it as a way to grow as a couple, and to strengthen as a unit and as individuals. There will be ups and a whole lot of downs, but you are together for a reason, remember that.

Good luck!