Laptop or tablet? Get both in the new ASUS Transformer Book Chi

Words by Isabelle Truman

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Remix boss man Tim Phin went over to Sydney last week to check out the launch of the new ASUS, the Transformer Book Chi, and came back with one tucked under his arm. For those that aren’t tech savvy, like myself, the new Asus is surprisingly easy to navigate around. When I say I'm not tech savvy mean it - just yesterday I had one of our designers say ‘Oh, you’re one of those people’ when standing behind my computer screen (because apparently it’s severely lacking in updates).

One of the best feature about the Transformer Book Chi is that it’s both a laptop and a tablet in one. It’s detachable, so it transforms painlessly from laptop to razor-thin Windows tablet. These days it can be pretty hard to pick whether to buy a tablet or laptop, but the Transformer Book Chi does both.

For those that want measurements. the Chi range comprises two models. The 12.5-inch T300 Chi, powered by the all new Intel Core M processor, and the T100 Chi, a compact 10.1-inch model, echoing the design and functionality of the original Transformer Book T100, both coming with gorgeous precision-crafted design.

As well as being super slim, Transformer Book Chi has a luxurious and sophisticated feel, with precision craftsmanship and engineering combined for a seamless unibody design. The edges of Chi are enhanced with diamond-cut chamfering, adding brilliant highlights to the metallic body. Of course there’s as much inner power as outer beauty; think high resolution in-plane displays, rich distortion-free sound, superb power efficiency and performance up to nine times faster than traditional hard disks.

Click here for more information on this fancy and cute little number.

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