We're buzzing about L'affare Melrose's 1st birthday!

L’affare may be one of the most successful and longest-standing veterans of the NZ coffee industry (27 years in the capital!) but here in Auckland, their cafe is the popular new kid on the block. Pop into their airy, modern eatery at 22 Melrose Street, Newmarket, this week to help them celebrate their first birthday, Auckland style. From this Monday 3rd – Sunday 9th April, all L’affare customers get a present!

L'affare from high

What’s on them this week?
Monday, the coffee is on them, beans on Tuesday, and fancy birthday cake on Wednesday. Thursday, we get to put our money towards good food and a good cause as the eatery is teaming up with the ‘Eat My Lunch’ charity, and on Friday the champagne is flowing right from breakfast until we turn off our laptops for the week. Then, be caffeinated and dined to the sound of live music all weekend long.

What a week! L’affare is definitely reminding us that they aren’t going to stop impressing Auckland anytime soon. Whether you’re a foodie or a coffee fiend, it’s absolutely worth stepping off the main Newmarket drag this week to check them out. We’ll be raising our piccolo glasses and champagne flutes to the new kids only getting bigger and better up here in the years to come.

Happy 1st birthday, L’affare Melrose!