KFit: The new must-have fitness app to kick start your summer routine

[gallery ids="6652,6651,6650,6649,6648,6647,6646,6645"] Words by Daisy Conroy-Botica It’s spring TOMORROW, which means the weather will start picking up and layers will start coming off. Now is the time to start working hard on that summer body, but it’s hard to figure out which way to go about it when there’s a new fitness trend coming out every time you start getting into one - whether it’s yoga, crossfit, pilates, and anything in between. Sometimes we want to just try a bit of everything and mix it up whilst figuring out what works for us, but with massive fees for non-members at clubs and those easy to buy multi-pass discounts, it can get pretty expensive trying one-off classes. Luckily, we’ve found the answer to your fitness woes. KFit is the one fitness app you need, aiming to grow the fitness industry by making all of these services available in one place by giving you access to all the best fitness classes, gyms, and studios in your city. You pay a monthly KFit membership and then get unlimited to access to all the classes you want, at all different gyms and studios around the city that are involved. With so many classes to choose from, the only problem you’ll have will be figuring out which one you want to go to next. Some of the cool activities that are available in Auckland include kayaking, trampoline fitness, tai chi, bikram yoga, and belly dancing. Download the app and check out what’s on offer in your city. There’s even a discounted offer for our readers - use the code ‘HEYNZ’ to receive your first month free, second month for $49, and third month for $59 (it’s usually $69 per month). Check out their website here and then download the app to your phone.