Out & About: Jaguar New Zealand's announce Mimi Gilmour as their new ambassador

Jaguar New Zealand announced Mimi Gilmour as their new ambassador with a sophisticated evening event on Thursday 15th of October 2015, with Remix in attendance. The event celebrated Mimi’s many successes in the hospitality industry where her ambition and drive is reinvigorating and changing the game of the hospitality industry in New Zealand, much like Jaguar, who are redefining the sports sedan market with the launch of the new Jaguar XE. The event had a selection of luxury brand partnerships, with catering by Orphans Kitchen, candles by Curio Noir, water by Antipodes, wines by Loveblock and cocktails by Black Robin Gin. Have a look at our event photos below and head here for more on Jaguar. [gallery link="file" ids="7536,7537,7538,7539,7540,7541,7542,7543,7544,7545,7546,7547,7548,7549"]