In conversation with TikTok superstar Sarah Magusara

In only a handful of weeks, social media platform TikTok has soared centre stage to entertain a world under lockdown. No one knows the fun and fame that comes with being a TikTok sensation better than Australian-born Sarah Magusara, who boasts almost 13 million loyal followers on her account. As Sarah celebrates her new campaign with fashion legends SUPERDRY, she spoke with Steven Fernandez about the rise of TikTok, her life as a new mum and plans after lockdown.

Whereabouts are you based at the moment during the global outbreak? Are you home with your partner and baby girl in Brisbane? 

Yeah I'm based in Brisbane; it's just me and my baby, sometimes it's my partner too, but he's still working and home on the weekends. 


How are you finding life as a new mum?

I love it. I mean it's been crazy, but I'm just super thankful to have the support system that I have, like my parents and my partner’s family.


How do you juggle that side of your life? Your family life with your social media life? Do you have dedicated times of the day you schedule things in to create content? 

I definitely have a schedule, a daily schedule. It doesn't always go to plan being a new mum, but I like to get my most important tasks and filming done before lunch, so the rest of the day is with my daughter.


During this period of isolation, what is something you have discovered or learnt?

Something I have learnt about myself is to be thankful for the important things like health, which we often take for granted in everyday life. And I really miss small things, like hugging. As far as new things I’ve learnt, I would say lots of workouts since the gyms closed.


Have you been surprised by the immense popularity of your TikTok?

Every single day. I never thought my account would grow to this extent, especially being from Australia, because a lot of the influencers I look up to are in America. Most of my fans are in America and I just never thought I would have followers on the other side of the world! 


What was the first thing you ever filmed on TikTok?

It was called before it was called TikTok, so back on it would have been me lip-syncing to a song. I don't remember the exact song, sorry, but for sure would have been a lip-syncing or dance video.

And what about your favourite thing you have ever recorded?

Oh that’s easy! The first ever video I filmed with my daughter, Zamira.


What about other people? Who is your favourite TikTok account or video to follow?

I don't have a favourite video, but my favourite person on TikTok is Charli D’Amelio. She's a true TikTok queen, I have to admit. I love how she has got to where she is at such a young age I think she's 15 or 16.


What do you say to generations who have no idea what TikTok is about or might be nervous to try?

Tiktok is very similar to SUPERDRY in the sense they really encourage you to be who you are and be unique. There are so many different types of videos posted on TikTok, so you’re bound to find something or someone you relate to.


Tell me about the work you have done with SUPERDRY? How did that originally come out?

I have always admired the brand and I’ve seen them collaborate with other people on TikTok before, so when they reached out to me about the campaign I was really stoked. I’ve never done a partnership to this extent before, so this is huge for me and I'm really grateful.

William Schmarr, Sarah Magusara, Anna McEvoy & Shai Bolton

What can you tell me about the SD MYWAY campaign?

The campaign is all about expressing yourself and injecting your unique personality into your clothing. SUPERDRY have been spot on with the talent they chose for the campaign. We were all so different in our own way which I loved; it was such an honour to be a part of it. SUPERDRY is also working with TikTok and a few special guests to release something really cool in a few weeks, so stay tuned!


And what is your favourite brand or favourite item from SUPERDRY? Maybe one you wear all the time? 

I have to admit my favourite item would have to be the Jacquard Puffer; it's a cropped puffer with a thick print. I wore it for one of the shoots and I fell in love. 


Last but not least Sarah, when things ease up and we are free to do whatever we like again, what is the first thing you are going to do?

Watch a movie on the big screen! My family and I are big fans of going to the movies, so as soon as they’re open again we’re going to see some new movies together.

In conversation with TikTok superstar Sarah Magusara | No one knows the fun and fame that comes with being a TikTok sensation better than Australian-born Sarah Magusara, who boasts almost 13 million loyal... | By Remix MagazineFacebook

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