Have these symptoms? You might be Vitamin B deficient… 

Vitamin B is renowned for playing the leading role in energy levels and maintaining cell health. B vitamins are needed to drive the chemical reactions that support your body’s many functions, including generating energy from sugar, fatty acids, and other nutrients. So without B-complex vitamins, your energy levels will begin to deplete. 

The depletion of energy can come easily when people are living busier, stress-filled lives, often with diets high in sugar. When it comes to vitamins needed for both a sound body and mind, the B vitamins aren’t something you want to ignore. Take, for example, vitamin B12: don’t get enough of this vitamin, and your energy levels throughout the day might sag – with your mind constantly turning, perhaps, to thoughts of sleep in your warm cosy bed. 


So here are a few signs you may be lacking in this crucial vitamin: 

  • Getting sick from infections more often (because B6 helps support your immune system)
  • Getting cracks or sores in the skin around the corners of your mouth – or a swollen and sensitive tongue
  • Fatigue
  • A feeling of numbness or tingling in your hands and feet (this is known as “paresthesias”)
  • Depression, anxiety, and/or irritability
  • A red, itchy rash – often oily or flaky – that usually appears on the upper body or face. Small areas of your skin might also swell, resulting in white patches


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