Get in killer shape in just 30-minutes

Ask anyone what they’d want more of in their day and we can almost guarantee you their reply would be: ‘time’. Between work meetings, deadlines, socialising, commuting among other things, the time-poor amongst us feel the pinch even more when asked to squeeze in an hour-long workout.

Half the time and double the intensity, Les Mills range of explosive 30-minute workouts promise to get you in shape, fast. The HIIT (high intensity interval training) method is not new, but the results speak for themselves. Thirty minutes of effective cardio or strength training is all that’s needed to get your heart rate pumping, increase your anaerobic fitness and shift your calorie burn into overdue.

So, whether you’re down to exhaust big muscle groups with a circuit of light weights and high reps, or upping the ante with some sweat-pouring fat burning cardio, you can burn hundreds of calories in the time it takes to watch a re-run of Friends.

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THE CLASS: Few four-letter words strike the fear of God into hearts like Les Mills GRIT

THE GIST: Opt for one of three high intensity GRIT classes – Cardio, Plyo and Strength. The high-impact GRIT Cardio class is specially designed to torch fat and improve athletic capability, by using high impact bodyweight exercises (with no equipment!). Fusing plyometric principles and power agility training, GRIT Plyo uses a bench to build power and increase speed and leg strength, giving an athletic physique. Perhaps the most infamous of them all, GRIT Strength uses a barbell, weight plate and body weight exercises to blast all major muscle groups, and rapidly improve strength and lean muscle mass.

THE BURN: Designed with those serious about achieving their fitness goals in mind.

THE CLASS: If a ripped midsection is what motivates you, then incorporate Les Mills CXWORX into your weekly workout regimen.

THE GIST: Honing in on your torso and sling muscles that connect your upper and lower body, CXWORX is ideal for tightening your core and glute muscles, while improving functional strength and assisting injury prevention. Grab a resistance tube and squat, crunch, extend and flex your way to a tighter tum.

THE BURN: Medium-high in its intensity, you can expect a serious waistline burn.

THE CLASS: Got a need for speed? Try Les Mills SPRINT on for size.

THE GIST: Take your training to the next level with this bike-based cycle class. Quick and hard – you’ll experience short bursts of intensity followed by short periods of active recovery to improve your heart and lung fitness, while increasing your strength and endurance.

THE BURN: This high intensity class promises to get your heart-pumping every session. 

Get a taste of these high-intensity, results-promising exercises by checking out these videos, below. Warning: extreme #fitspo will ensue.

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