Five ways boxing changed my life...

Last year I made the decision to try the biggest fitness trend of 2019... boxing. Not the jump-in-the-ring-and-lose-your teeth type boxing, the less badass, but more fun fitness-class type, called Studio Box. 

To set the record straight, I am a heavily fad-averse person, and routinely the first to call people out on liking something if I think the only reason they do is because it’s trendy to like it. So, I began my Studio Box journey with weak punches and a semi-closed mind. 


But from the moment I stepped foot in the studio, something changed in me. It’s so… clean? I’ll never have to remember a sweat towel again? I get to wear these badass hand wrap thingys that make me feel like Rocky Balboa!? Could part of Studio Box's popularity have to do with it actually being good? Potentially. Could it have to do with being able to flaunt the cool girl workout gear? Definitely a factor. 

I hadn’t even started the class yet and already my heart was telling me I’ve found something special in this place. 


Fast forward to now, and Studio Box has continued to draw me in with its ineluctable charm, and, at the risk of sounding like a hyperbolic maniac, here are five ways I believe it has changed my life 


1. I get to let out my anger in a socially-acceptable way

I’m not trying to tell you this will substitute a therapist, but honestly, after a bad day at work, I DARE you not to feel better after a few 1, 2’s.


2. The trainers keep me accountable

You know when your alarm goes off at 630am and the thought ‘no one’s going to miss me’ crosses your mind as you contemplate the snooze button. WRONG. The Studio Box trainers know your name, keep you accountable, and know when to push you and when to leave you be. 

3. It’s actually a fun workout

I’ve always been a keen gym-goer, but more for practical reasons rather than actually enjoying the act of going if you know what I mean. But not anymore. Studio Box is actually enjoyable, and dare I say… fun. 


4. My coordination has improved

Try piecing together a 6,4,3,2,2,1,2,1 while on the brink of exhaustion, and your co-ordination will improve real quick let me tell you. 

5. I think it’s made me happier <3 

Sweet, sweet endorphins, it’s science ok? And while exercise releasing endorphins is certainly nothing new this study found boxing actually takes it to the next level. 


Epic kit aside, the answer to the whole Studio Box fandom is really very simple, the workout is actually, very...good. So off you go my million-dollar babies, go and box yourself into a happier, healthier 2020.