Five places to see before they disappear forever

The world’s most beautiful sights might not make it through the next few decades, so what better excuse to pack your bags and tick them off your bucket list? After all, this may be your last chance to explore the world as we know it!


Venice, Italy
Ahh the famous Italy; every pizza, pasta, and wine lover's dream. However, the fantastic city of Venice is, unfortunately, facing ruin. The city is sinking, with severe floods each year and could be uninhabitable by the end of this century.


Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Just across the ditch, we have the largest coral reef in the world! Get here ASAP as due to rising ocean temperatures and population increases, this reef has been slowly eroding and could be gone in the next 100 years.


The Maldives
This beautiful island is what dreams are made of, and yet it could also be gone in the next 100 years if sea levels continue to rise. The risk has gotten so bad that the government has even purchased other land for citizens who have started to face displacement.


The Swiss Alps
One of the most famous skiing regions and number one on most travelers wish-lists. Because of climate change the Alpine’s are losing 3% glacial ice every year, and experts believe that the glaciers could be completely gone by 2050. Grab your skis and get there now!


The Dead Sea
The historically rich, ancient Dead Sea has shrunk by a third in the last forty years and sunk eighty feet. Experts believe it could be gone in less than 50 years, due to cities drawing water from the River Jordan, which is the Sea’s only water source.