Last week’s legendary bar thanks to Jameson: View the gallery

Jameson Legendary BarPh: Fabricio Remember how a few weeks back we broke the news about Jameson Irish Whiskey giving fans the opportunity to create an ultimate bar experience? Read about it here. Anyway, the Jameson Legendary Bar came together last week and it was epic! The night included street artist Cinza Seekayeem, College Hill Tattoo, Larry the Shoeshine Man and Maloney’s Barber, doing what they do best… in the bar. Yes, there actually was someone getting inked at the bar. Not to mention, music from She’s So Rad, Dan Woolston and Dan Aux. As well as the diverse group of music and guest artists, there was a huge mix of people who turned up to the secret location, which made it an incredible night. Check out the gallery below for pictures from the night and visit Jameson on Facebook here to keep up to speed with all their updates. [gallery link="file" ids="4734,4733,4732,4731,4730,4725,4726,4727,4728,4729,4724,4719,4718,4723,4722,4721,4720,4715,4716,4717,4714,4709,4708,4713,4712,4707,4706,4711,4710,4705"]