Easy and effective couch workouts

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When your expenses come in for the month and you have to decide between snuggling on the couch with Netflix or working out at the gym, we totally understand if binge-watching TV is your priority.

But, if you're feeling guilty about staying in and watching shows when you really should be movin' that booty, we have you covered! A new era in multi-tasking is upon us - the Couch Workout!

We've put together our favourite easy and effective exercises to keep you moving without missing a single scene:

Tricep Dips

Tone your arms and shoulders so you can break out those sexy halternecks when you (finally) decide to leave the house!

Seated Scissors

This move blitzes your legs and stomach! Move your arms at the same time to add more muscles and get your heart racing. 

Calf and Toe Raises

Tone your lower legs without even looking like you're moving (lazy girl win)! For an extra challenge, do the calf raises standing while holding weights.


Banana and Apple Crunches

Get tutti-toned with this tough, but worth it ab-buster. You'll be looking fruity-fit in no time!


Arm Extensions

Whether you do these sitting or standing, arm extensions definitely put your arms and shoulders through their paces and give immediate results.


Pillow Rotations

Use a couch cushion to fight off couch potato abs!