A tour of Dropbox's San Francisco HQ

If you're like us and love a good workspace, then you're in for a treat. Dropbox's San Francisco headquarters tick every box: it's huge, it has a 4000 square foot food hall to suit every taste bud, a 1970's-inspired pink library, modern decor alongside comfortable furniture, a casual Karaoke bar perfect for a post-work Friday jam, a deep focus room, collaborative meeting spaces, and a rooftop garden overlooking the San Fran skyline. Literally, what more could you want?

Measuring 300,000 square-foot, the workspace was revamped by design firm Rapt studio to encourage collaboration between the companies many teams. Dubbed 'the Neighbourhood,' the headquarters literally has a space for every style of worker. Prior to creating the impressive headquarters, Dropbox employees were asked to sketch out how they work at the office. Understanding their employee's working habits ensured that the final workspace suited everyone's needs, whether they are a quiet, focused engineer or a vocal, team-playing marketing manager. 

The result is a mini-city like building with different hubs (or neighbourhoods) for the different teams within the company. The new layout allows for three different types of human interaction: public, small groups and completely private for the individual. Whether you need a team huddle around a whiteboard, a one-on-one catch-up over coffee, focused, alone time, or to get your creative juices flowing with a breath of fresh air, the Dropbox headquarters caters to every working need. 

So, where do we apply? 

Take a tour of the impressive headquarters below:

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Images from Collective Hub & Office Lovin