Four things you need to do for optimal well-being

Leading nutritionist and women’s health expert Dr Libby Weaver shares her insights into how women can achieve optimal health and happiness through her bestselling novel Women’s Wellness Wisdom

Here are a few tips the girl boss has taught us to better your well-being:

1. Ditch the fast food for a faster and finer you

As tempting as it is, forget the late night binging and adjust home-made cooking as a part of your ritual.  Make it a must for vegetables and fruit to be on your weekly shopping list and try using whole food ingredients to create healthy and delicious meals! As well as nourishing the body, cooking can also be an activity to have some 'you time' and wind down.  Light a candle, play some Adele and put that spatula to good use!

2. Leave those Snapchat replies till the next day and put your feet up

Take a break from scrolling the news feed and create a tech-free zone in your home one day a week.  Chuck your device on silent and let your nervous system unwind. 

3. Rise and shine for a full day ahead

Make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep each night before you wake to that damned alarm.  More time sleeping = less time pressing that snooze button!

And i’m sure we can all agree mornings aren’t easy… Spend some time by yourself, whether it be going for a stroll around the block or having a cup of tea - set yourself up for the rest of the day! Creating a morning routine can give your body an energy boost before juggling all other daily tasks.

4. Make your home spic and span in an eco-friendly way

Lose those home products filled with tricky toxins and switch to an organic option for desired results.  Misconceptions exist that green products don’t work as effectively, but if you do your research and explore your options, you may find better bottles to fill your cleaning shelves.

Take care of your health, prioritise time for yourself, and of course.. have fun!

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